The team

Engineer course AgroParisTech, health and nutrition field

Nicolas Auber

My interest for Science and my zest for challenges prompted me to do a demanding two-year ‘classe préparatoire aux Grandes Écoles’ specialised in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Science. These two years have been extremely rewarding on every aspects, the massive amount of work has enabled me to gain a greater sense of organisation and an unflagging work discipline. Today I am a student at AgroParisTech a prestigious European engineering school and a leader in the field of Environment and Life Science. My course offers a challenging multidisciplinary training, incorporating both Life, Engineering and Environment Sciences as well as Humanities, and Economics.

Through internships in different companies, I have discovered what an adventure entrepreneurship represented! After graduating, I consider applying for specialised master’s degrees in Entrepreneurship in French business schools. Besides, having been a boy scout during twelve years and having participated in a solar solidarity project in Nepal in 2011, I have learned how to work in a group and it inspired me to explore the world!


BA European Studies with German, King’s College London

Matthieu Tordeur

This programme is a four year degree for those with a strong interest in European politics, history and institutions, who want to develop their knowledge in a European context with the opportunity to study in-depth the politics, society, language and culture of a major European country (in my case, Germany). Which is why I will spend my third year in Berlin’s Humboldt Universität. In addition to lectures and seminars in King’s College, I am taking an Economics module in the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Having had the chance to learn English at a rather young age, the idea of going abroad came to me quite naturally in view of the teaching excellence at King’s College and the LSE.

Apart from my studies, I have been cultivating since I was young an irresistible desire for adventure. From riding a bicycle solo between Budapest and Istanbul when I was 19, to sailing across the Atlantic ocean as a crew member on a Swan 41, to cross-country skiing the Norwegian Hardangervidda National Park in -30°C temperatures, these experiences have strengthened my idea of going around the world in a 4L!


Going round the earth

Renault 4L

The car seemed like the best way to travel with great liberty. It allows us to go off beaten tracks, where the bus do not go and without any time constraints. As for the choice of the car itself, it is without hesitation that we went for a Renault 4L. Robust, light, easy to fix, it is tireless ! Hence we embarked in a Renault 4 GTL of 1986 in September 2013. It  counted at the time a little more than 95,000 kms and it was just the beginning.