The project

Carrying out a useful and outstanding project, that’s what we want ! This thirst for adventure and challenges motivated us to undertake a one year journey around the world in a Renault 4L to support the creation of enterprises through microcredit. This tour will see us drive through 32 countries on 5 continents where we will encounter different cultures and meet on our way the micro-entrepreneurs we will help. Our goal is to complete a world tour.

With our MFI partners’ cooperation, we aim at distributing £20,500 to projects we will select, thus enabling 850 people to improve significantly their living conditions. We will transfer the funds before our departure, in order for the micro-enterprises to be already in business when we visit them.

These loans could create a revolving-door effect feeding a virtuous circle that enables the funds to be reused. As a result more and more people will be able to find a way out of poverty on the long term. Hence multiplying the first effect of every loan.

Schéma Microcrédit 1 EN

Schéma Microcrédit 1 2 EN

The aim is also to raise awareness and promote microfinance during our journey.


‘Our planet is way too small and way too round not to try to circle it’