Thanks to…


Mrs. Marie Merlot, Mr. Vincent Ducrotoy, Mr. Pascal Vie, Mr. Daddychel Girardin, Famille Cazalets, Mlle Sophie Prediger, Mr. Jorge Tejeda, Miss Laure Bonnet, Mrs. Pia Sandström, Mrs. Dorothée Désert, Mr. Christophe Hazard, Miss Pauline Jouvin, Mrs. Maud Lancien, Mr. Dominique Cottron, All donors who participated in the event « cultural discovery of Nepal » on the 14th of December, Family Faucon, Mr. Laurent Murray-Boidart, Mr. Bahadur Yogya, Mrs. Claire Maurin, Mrs. Muriel Quenot, Mrs. Marie-Noëlle Delaoutre, Family Sommervogel, Mr. Clément Chauvin, Mrs. Alix Bidard, Mrs. Béatrice Boulange, Mrs. Marie Hermier, Mr. Érick Caubrière, Mr. Alain Mottet, Mrs. Julie Le Borgne, Mr. Thomas Monier, Miss Camille Benoît, Mr. Jean-Luc Eber, Miss Zoé Prud’homme, Miss Lucile Trancart, Mrs. Agnès De Pellegars, Mr. Peadar Ó Húbáin, Mrs. Angela Munro, Mr. Patrick Mattelin, Mrs. Florence Servain, Mr. Baudouin Delcampe, Miss Hélène Maghin, Mr. Guillaume Auber, Mr. François Rufenacht, Mr. Jérôme Boulengé, Family Luzerne, Mrs. Pascale Auber, Mrs. Monique Auber, Mr. Amaury Guillier De Souancé, Mr. Pierre Kolb, Mr. Vincent Hazard, Miss Charlotte Zipper, Mr. Hugo, Family Lardenois, Mr. Vincent Adenis-Lamarre, Mrs. Denise Chappotteau, Mr. Sylvain Rosier, Mrs. Nathalie Forgan, Miss Tessa Adenis-Lamarre, Mr. Elliot Lardenois, Family Yon-Morsel, Mrs. Annie Lahary, Mr. Guilhem Matray, Miss Pauline Tordeur, Miss Marion Dubuc, Mr. Corentin Losson, Miss Emerence Croguennec, Mr. Bruno Meric, Mr. & Mrs. Touflet, Miss Clémence Garrec, Miss Katja Primožič, Miss Lorraine Calemard, Mr. Antoine Baschiera, Mrs. Marie-Madeleine Cipriani Belœil, Mr. Benoît Girardin, Mr. Lucas Smith, Mr. François Giraud, Mrs. Pascale Bohu, Mrs. Marie-Noëlle Fabre, Family Patrier, Mr. Guillaume Ducuing, Miss Agathe Stevenson, Mr. Alain Chappotteau, Mrs. Anne Larnier, Miss Caroline Richard, Mrs. Valérie Geiger, Mrs Ghislaine Hannay, Mr. Denis Edou, Mrs. Corinne Padois, Miss Victoire Richard, Mr. Antoine Auber, Miss Claire Masson, Mrs. Geneviève Bourgeois, Mrs. Liliane Grèze, Miss Margaux Girardin, Mr. Mathieu Buisson, Miss Thaïs Gaymard, Miss Marie-Victoire Comet, Mr. Stéphane Ducuing, Mrs. Anne-Sophie Brun, Mrs. Emmanuelle Maupas, Mrs. Antonine Montboisses, Mrs. Véronique Wiltz, Mr. Hyppolite Gonfrier Lechoin, Mr. Adrien Tordeur, Mr. Philippe Girardin, Mrs. Joëlle Laine, Mr. Tancrède Lahary, Mr. Jean-Claude Caillard, Mr. Alexis Aupée, Mr. Raphaël Drouin, Miss Charlotte Bonnet, Miss Sidonie Retout, Family Villoutreix and Mr. Mehdi Messad.

A warm thank you especially to Jean-Pierre Prévost, Didier Marie, Benoît Sallé, Benjamin Montel, Catherine and François Tordeur, Catherine and Bertrand Auber, Stéphane Baschiera, Antoinette Barbier, Christophe Meneau, Daniele Lagnel, Christian Chambord, Patrice Colasse, Didier Combe, Christian Delaplace, Kenzo Naïto, Elliot Lardenois and Françoise Ferey.


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Thank you so much for your participation, please be assured we will keep you regularly informed of our adventures!





Our DEPARTEMENT the SEINE-MARITIME through the JAVA programme supports us financially.

Logo AFD

The AGENCE FRANCAISE DE DEVELOPPEMENT is a public establishment, which has now been fighting for seventy years against poverty and has been promoting development in the South countries and the overseas. Its actions depend directly on a policy defined by the French government.

Logo Carrosserie Prévost

 The CARROSSERIE AUTOMOBILE PREVOST repairs and services your vehicle thanks to its team of engineers and specialists. Their skills extend both for commercial and tourism vehicles and sports cars. Thanks to Jean-Pierre Prévost we are leaving with an almost completely new engine !

Logo E. Leclerc

Thanks to Mr. Christian Chambord, the French hypermarket E. LECLERC from Gonesse (Val d’Oise department) support us financially.

KEEPENGINE improves your fuel cost, helps keep you safe and accident-free, and saves your records to your account on the cloud.

Logo AUDECIA Backed by 200 chartered accountants and statutory auditors and its 1500 assistants, AUDECIA assists firms in their everyday management of accountability, audit, social issues, corporate law, and advises them in management and organisation.

SEMINAIRE.COM : the first platform of international seminars.

At the heart of the Russian Internet, IXcellerate is an unparalleled carrier neutral datacentre in Moscow, which is comparable to the quality of data centres in America and Western Europe.




KING’S COLLEGE LONDON BUSINESS CLUB, voted n°1 Enterprise Society has awarded us a financial package in the KCLBC’s Entrepreneurial scheme.

Logo French Is It

 FRENCH IS IT is a young retail firm, which supplies fine upmarket grocery internationally. They are the representatives of French gastronomy !




Our adventure will be relayed online every two weeks by the famous weekly French magazine L’EXPRESS in the section « Du Business et du Sens ».

Logo Paris-Normandie Web

The regional daily newspaper, the PARIS NORMANDIE, will publish monthly updates about our project in their columns.



Logo Fondation Alliance Française

The ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE is an international organisation that aims to promote French language and culture around the world. They connect us to their international network.

The CRÉDIT AGRICOLE through its FOUNDATION GRAMEEN MICROFINANCE contributes to the fight against poverty by promoting the financial inclusion of the most disadvantaged people and their access to essential goods. They give us a moral support and advise us.

Logo MSA cropped

Our city MONT-SAINT-AIGNAN organises our departure from the town hall and will follow us each month throughout our journey in the « news » section of their website.


The French textile and footwear company AIGLE has donated us shoes and clothes.


Technip S.A. is a company that does project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. They provided us with a complete toolbox.

Logo Propost

PROPOST SERVICES is a printing shop situated in Rouen that kindly printed out our brochures of presentation.

Logo Astre small

The accounting firm ASTRE based in Normandy supports us in our project.

Logo EcussOnline

 EcussOnline is a website which produces embroidered badges. They supply us with embroidered logos for our clothes.

Logo Faguo_opt

FAGUO SHOES is a brand of casual and trendy accessories and shoes. Dynamic and responsible, it is aimed at city dwellers who like simplicity and action.

Logo Decathlon

 The Decathlon store of Tourville-la-Rivière has given us advantageous prices on hiking and camping equipment.

Logo Djump Rose sur blanc Carré

DJUMP is a mobile application that helps you quickly get around the city thanks to a fresh community of handpicked drivers.