The team : After a ten-year long friendship, we are now two audacious students determined to fulfil our dream.

Our project : Foster entrepreneurship through microcredit by driving a 1986 Renault 4L round the world. Discovering the world first hand, encountering new cultures and ourselves.

The route : From the East to the West. Leaving Rouen (Normandy) on the 1st of September 2013, driving to Hanoi (Vietnam) and reaching the American continent after crossing the Pacific ocean in a cargo. We will then drive all the way down to Ushuaia (Argentina), from which we will aim at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and embark for Dakar. From Senegal we will head North to reach France and complete the loop !

Our motivations ? : Undertaking a project beneficial to others and worthwhile for ourselves, it matches our love for challenges and adventure. Born on the same day of the same year, we believe everything is possible when you are twenty if you are daring enough!

Who for ? : In partnership with international microfinance specialists, we wish to distribute £20,500 to projects selected with their help, enabling up to 850 entrepreneurs to create their own business.

The financing : Your help is crucial to the success of our project. If you accept to support us, you will be part of a responsible, original and far-reaching human adventure.