How to help us ?


  • Online Paypal donation at this address (fast and secure payment through Paypal).
  • Bank transfer (contact us to get our international bank account number).
  • Donation or price discounts on the gear we will need during the trip (camera, equipment, tools, spare parts, first-aid…).
  • Engagement letter : in order to facilitate our border crossings you can provide us with an engagement letter or an invitation letter for the country in which you live.


  • Brand name displayed on our website and on our car.
  • Regular feedback on our adventure.
  • Receipt of a photo coverage of the adventure on our return.
Privileged partnership
  • Previous counterparts.
  • Conference and photo exhibition in the company.
  • Name of the company displayed in all our communication media.
Project sponsor (exclusive sponsor)
  • Previous counterparts.
  • Realisation and screening of a special film.
  • We will emphasise your company’s involvement every step of the way.