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Microcrédit en 4L is currently looking for new financial supports and partners to carry out the project! There are many ways to support Microcrédit en 4L.


1. First move

Subscribe to our newsletter (on the right hand side of the home page), join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Our mission is to promote microfinance as a great way to alleviate people from poverty and to meet the micro-entrepreneurs we would have supported on our way and we are willing to share our experience with you. Do not hesitate to spread the word!


2. Help us built our project along the road :

You want to meet us when we’ll come to your country? You are willing to put us in contact with locals? You have tips and advices? Send us a mail ! We’ll answer in no time!


3. Become a financial support of Microcrédit en 4L

Thanks to our financial supports and donors, we have funded a part of our project (divided between the microcredit investment, the ocean crossing costs, the administrative costs and our living expenses). However, we have not meet our target yet and are still looking for some more supports to carry out our project. You can support us financially to help us reach our goal in several ways :

  • Online Paypal donation at this address (fast and secure payment through Paypal).
  • Bank transfer (contact us to get our international bank account number).

Feel free to contact us directly and we’ll share with you every single detail of our project. If you are a company, we’ll have innovative ideas and counterparts to offer you!


4. Media

Send us a mail!